Fighting Human Trafficking: Duluth

Human Trafficking, Prostitution, modern day slavery, is/are a bigger problem than we think. I'm just one guy, but I know I can help. This page will list a few ways that I've been getting involved with trying to make a difference, and different places you can to. If you're interested in getting invovled in Minnesota or specifically in the Duluth area, contact me and we can chat about it.

Recently, the church I attent and am a member of, The Duluth Vineyard Church, started a new ministry called Love Justice. We are working on addressing and fighting human trafficking right here in Duluth and have close ties with Pavsa and the Duluth Human Trafficking Task Force.


source beautifulrescue
The Source is a church in Minneapolis. They have purchases a building that my dad and I have helped fix up in order to put women in that are getting out of prostitution. The house will be run by Breaking Free, a faith based recovery organization. One of the only organizations in the nation that has beds and housing for women who want to leave prostitution. Beautiful Rescue is based in my home city, Duluth Minnesota. It is a non-profit with close ties to the Duluth Human Trafficking Task Force, and the Hillside Church. At some point they hope to have a transitional home much like the one in Minneapolis.


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The Story of How MATOO Came to Be: Andrew Hanson at TEDxOxbridge

The story of a man fighting against human trafficking, and how there are very few men fighting it, but the movement is growing, but we need more good men to fight.