X2 (2003)

  • Directed by: Bryan Singer
    • Other movies he directed: the other good X-Men movies
  • Notable Cast:
    • Everyone from the first one, oh shoot, I gave away the ending of the first one and let you know that all the main characters all survived. No superhero movie would let a main superhero die...would they?

    Up until the X-Men: First Class, this was my favorite. Yes, it’s all about Wolverine and his origin story but that’s ok, we like Wolverine. (so...why did we have an X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie again? Oh yeah, money and Jackman’s hot. I remember now.)  Up until this movie, Wolverine couldn’t remember who made him. Now he remembers that he was made by happy, free loving hippie folk to fight for the environment and God’s creation.  Wait, no, that’s not right. Unlike any other story ever written, and with a completely new take on our government, he was made by an evil branch of the U.S. military. Ahem. If you haven’t seen this one, I recommend it, it’s pretty dang fun.
    I honestly have no problems with this movie, it was just very entertaining, I remember thinking “Hey, I wasn’t that impressed with the first one, but this one rocks!”  And it does, it just does. Then...they made the 3rd one.


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