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11 Reasons why Olympus has Fallen is Die Hard

Many movies are similar to others. And any movie that features a terrorist group taking a building will always be compared to the classic, Die Hard. The other White House Down movie, White House Down, is also of course quite similar, and has been covered by here but no movie has come this close to being like Die Hard as Olympus Has Fallen. Here’s the rundown on the similarities.

  1. olympusEmpty building except for the terrorists, hostages, and hero
    1. In Die Hard, it didn’t take much. There was only a few security guards to take care of.
    2. In Olympus has Fallen, man, they just mowed those guys down. The secret service guys just kept running out into mini gun fire. It was like they were attracted to it like a bug to a bug zapper.
  2. Radio contact between hero and villain
    1. In Die Hard it happened pretty much the entire movie.
    2. in Olympus, it was only once or twice, but it was there.
  3. Radio contact between hero and black guy...who is the only one who thinks he’ll get the job done.
    1. In Die Hard it’s the cop that shows up randomly.
    2. In Olympus, it’s the new acting president who supports his efforts to the point that he almost fires a guy who disagrees with him.
  4. Every early attempt of anyone outside of the building to attack is stopped
    1. In Die Hard, the cops try to send in the “car”, which was more like a personal transport, and it gets shot with a rocket propelled grenade launcher, or whatever it was.
    2. In Olympus, it was the army guys attacking the front, again, mowed down by mini guns.
  5. Building Blackout on purpose
    1. In Die Hard, Hans and his guys knew the FBI playbook was to blackout the entire block which gave him access to the vault.
    2. In Olympus, the terrorists purposefully shut down the power. Honestly don’t remember why though.
  6. Helicopter attack doesn’t work, rooftop is weaponized and helicopter explodes on rooftop
    1. The FBI guys in Die Hard, the FBI guys promise the terrorists that they’ll bring a helicopter for them and their hostages. But really they’re going in with guns blazing. But the terrorists don’t care, because the rooftop is rigged with explosives that are set to blow up the helicopter AND the hostages.
    2. In Olympus, the terrorists figure the U.S. government would try to attack them with helicopters, they sent up a drone to watch the sky and setup the kill everything gun on the roof it worked so well, that it shot down all, or most, of the helicopters. (I think all). One of them lands on the roof...and blows it up.
  7. diehardHero falls from rooftop
    1. In BOTH movies, the hero is on the roof with the helicopters attack the building, and need to run off the roof in order not to die.
  8. Hang from rooftop, crash through glass
    1. In Die Hard, he grabs a hose and jumps off eventually shooting through a window to get back in.
    2. In Olympus he hangs on a ledge for a bit, then falls, crashes through glass and somehow doesn’t die.
  9. Barefoot feet on glass
    1. In Die Hard, it’s Mclain who’s barefoot throughout the movie, walking over glass a couple different times.
    2. In Olympus, it’s one of the female hostages that gets away towards the end. The camera makes a point to show us that she’s walking over glass.
  10. Hero meets bad a guy in a hallway, doesn’t realize he’s a bad guy at first, has a smoke, discovers he’s the bad guy, kills him
    1. In Die Hard, Mcclane meets Hans Gruber in the hallways, but because he hasn’t seen him yet, he doesn’t know what he looks like even though they’ve talking throughout the movie over radio. Alan Rickman (Gruber) does a great job in dropping his accent to sound American. Mclean falls for it for a bit, gives him a cigarette. The two smoke for a bit and hang out in a short hallway, but eventually part ways...until Mcclain kills him of course.
    2. In Olympus, he runs into Dylan Mcdermott. Gerard Butler doesn’t know he’s a traitor yet, so they hang out in a short hallway and have a smoke, but eventually Butler figures out he’s a bad guy and kills him.
  11. Hero and freed hostage walk out the front door, one holding the other while limping
    1. In Die Hard, it’s the hero who is all banged up and needs to be supported by his wife. Both walk out the front door at the end with all the cops and everyone there.
    2. In Olympus, it’s the president who isn’t doing so hot, Butler helps him limp out the front door, with the every government agency watching.

I haven’t watched or listened to the audio commentary, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the author of the original script was specifically trying to make a Die Hard fan movie. If not, then Die Hard is so good of a classic movie, that when people try to make new action movies, they can’t help but accidentally make a remake.



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