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Short Review: It’s very good, go see it. If you’re like my best friend, that’s all you need, stop reading this, just go see it. If you want to know more, keep reading ;)


Long Review:


It’s what the new Robocop wishes it could be, far superior to the recent Automata, and in many ways, similar to Short Circuit, but better.


Directed by the Neill Blomkamp, who also directed District 9 (which I love and own) and Elysium (that I enjoyed, but not as much). With both District 9 and Elysium, Blomkamp tackled social issues in the context of a not too distant future with science fiction elements. Chappie continues with these themes as Blomkamp polishes his directorial style, while at the same time giving us that raw and authentic feel.


Sharito Copley (Wikis in District 9, A-Team, Maleficent) voices Chappie and does fantastic job. Hugh Jackman is fun of course, and Sigourney Weaver continues to be a staple in the Sci-Fi genre, good to see her here.


As mentioned before, watching this movie reminded me of two others that I quite enjoyed. Short Circuit and RoboCop (the original, the recent one sucked). In Short Circuit, a company invented and created military robots, but one curious one wonders off and gets hit by lightning, thereby making him even more curious, independent, and self aware. Robocop, on the other hand, featured a corporation that built robots for the police department in Detroit, but they had problems with the simple robots and decided to you use a human and make him into a cyborg (so the title is a little misleading in my opinion).


Chappie takes these ideas and goes further with them. Artificial Intelligence is definitely part a big part of the story, but father and motherhood, friendship, jealousy, revenge, and even creation and evolution are part parts of the story, and maybe even more important that the simple AI aspect.


If you like robots, then see this movie, but don’t bring the kids, it’s Rated R for a reason.

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