Dracula Untold

Short Review:

It’s fun, but ok, don’t ‘need to see it in the theater. Wait for rental. If you’re a Dracula or vampire fan you might like it, but otherwise it’s just not all that great.


Long Review:

Dracula should not be rated PG-13. Especially when the premise of the movie is to take the actual, historical man, Vlad the Impaler, and pretend he himself became Dracula. Vlad...the IMPALER...rated Pg-13, No, just no. A movie with that kind of premise deserves a heavy, gory, bloody (vampires, blood, c’mon), rating of R.


That being said, there some things I liked about this movie.


This is a period piece, as well it should be. This was fun, what with empire dresses, castles, claw foot baths, gentlemen being gentlemen, ladies being ladies, empires and armies brutally killing each other,  vampires eating people, oh wait...


Gary Shore directed Dracula Untold and this is his first movie. This surprised me, to be honest, as it didn’t seem like someone's first movie. It seemed more like someones’ third movie where they almost were finding their directorial voice, not their directorial debut. I didn’t love this movie, but I look forward to seeing future Gary Shore projects, I think he’ll probably do some amazing things. Keep this in mind, Alien 3 (some consider the least enjoyable alien movie) was David Fincher’s first movie, and he went on to direct Fight Club, Seven, Panic Room, The Game, Social Network and the recent Gone Girl.


Luke Davis (you might know him from The Hobbit or Fast and the Furious 6) did a decent job as Vlad/Dracula. I honestly enjoyed him when he was the good guy Vlad just trying to be a good husband, father, and prince.


Charles Dance is ALWAYS good no matter what he’s in. You might remember him from Alien 3 as the doctor or The Last Action Hero as the main villain who’s best line is “If God were a villain, he’d be me.” (pretty blasphemous, but man, what a line).


I think my biggest problem with Dracula Untold was the enormous potential and not much payoff.  We’ve seen this with a lot of the recent retelling of these horror monsters when they’ve been altered to be action movies. We saw the same thing with Underworld and now with I am Frankenstein (but he’s not, he’s Frankenstein's monster, but whatev), Blade, Resident Evil, Van Helsing, etc...


I guess my problem is that...when we have an action hero as the monster, or when the hero is kicking so much monster butt it becomes no longer scary and we lose the need for the monster. Just look at the progression of two of my favorite horror based series: Alien and Resident Evil. The first of both of these are actually quite scary with lots of suspense and threat to the main character. However, as the movie series progress, both heroines continue to fight their respective monsters and the last movies are considered the worst. (Note: Aliens, the sequel to Alien, is definitely one of my favorite movies, but it’s not really horror, though there are fantastically scary parts, it’s much more of an action flick, which isn’t wrong).


Let me be clear, I don’t have a problem with horror movies becoming action, perhaps this is the way these classic monsters are going. However, let’s make sure the action movies are GOOD ones how about?


No need to see it in the theater, if you're a fan of Dracula and curious, there are some good cinematic moments and a fun one to catch on a DVD rental.


Here’s what Movie Bob thinks...and I don’t completely disagree:


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