Edge of Tomorrow

Short Review: Good, go see it, fun stuff.

Long Review:

Before I talk about the movie itself, let me discuss Tom Cruise, just for a bit.

I like Tom Cruise. Let me explain. Sure, he’s...well, he’s very passionate about his faith. I don’t happen to agree with that faith, and I think his “church” is also a poorly disguised pyramid scheme, but it seems as though Tom Cruise believes in it wholeheartedly. This gets him into trouble when he has weighed in on his friend Brooke Shields and his beliefs that no one should ever need antidepressants. If you never heard all that, you can look it up, or follow this link here.

But let’s remember that we live in a free country, where we have something called the “separation of church and state.” Us white, european emigrant people came from theocracies that forced us to worship and believe a certain way, and if we didn’t, were at least persecuted and at most killed.  Those of us who have our own strong beliefs can be a bit hypocritical judging other beliefs that are different from our own, and not seeing their movies because of it. That said, if you don’t know enough about the Church of Scientology, I would recommend watching the documentary in Netflix, or taking a look at this one:

There are some pretty harsh accusations against the church and how they treat people. However, the same could be said by many christian churches as well. (I’ve been to a few that aren’t so great myself).

So, why am I focusing so much on Tom Cruise and his beliefs? Well, as you can see in the video below, Movie Bob, from Escapist Magazine explains, that some of Tom’s recent public comments about his beliefs have been thought to have lead to some of his movies not doing as well as previous movies. Also, there is an age component to him as a star as well. As he is getting older (He was born in 1962, so, as I write this, he’s 51 years old...and he looks better than me, what a jerk), some feel he is getting close to being past his prime to be an action star.

But if anything, Edge of Tomorrow proves the opposite. According to The-Numbers.com, “Edge of Tomorrow rose to first place with $82 million in 63 markets for a two-week total of $111 million. This includes a first-place, $25.68 million opening in China.” -The-Numbers.com

Ok, let’s move away from Tom and focus on the movie.

If you haven’t seen the trailers, or were confused by them, basically think Groundhogs day in a sci-fi action flick. His day repeats, giving him the ability to die in battle then get reborn the previous day to try something slightly different, or completely different. If that’s enough for you, go see it and stop reading. The story is written well and is pretty darn fun to watch.

Ok, apparently you’re still reading. Moving on. I liked Groundhogs Day and the concept and I’ve seen that idea tried in a few other places, but not well. A TV movie called 12:01 featured this idea, it was kind of fun, but not as well done as Groundhogs Day.  

There are too many action films that are basically the same formula. Good guy forced into an impossible situation...then he has to overcome impossible odds to resolve said situation. Add a few more guys into the mix and you have a buddy action flick like A-Team or Expendables, but it’s still basically the same. Not to say these can’t be fun, but we’ve seen them before.

With Edge of Tomorrow, it begins with an unlikely hero. Cage, played by Tom Cruise, is a coward. He has absolutely no desire to be on the battlefield. His job is to tell the public that they are doing well against the aliens. But when he’s asked and forced to go to the front lines, he REALLY doesn’t want to. He hates the site of blood and will do anything to get out of it. Of course, if he succeeded, we wouldn’t have a movie.

The movie’s plot device, the day repeating, explains the impossible event where an unlikely, unwilling, coward becomes the hero. He dies every day, but everyday, he trains and learns how to become the perfect soldier.  But is it enough? I don’t know...you’ll have to see the movie ;)

Sidenote: Some fan calculated how many days Bill Murrey's character spent repeating the day, you can read about it here on Cracked.com. In all, it was caclulated that he spent 3,176 days, or almost 9 years. Once someone calculates how many days Cage spent, I'd be interested to see how many years he spent repeating his days in there and compare. 

When it comes out on video, I think it would be a fun double feature to watch Groundhogs Day and Edge of Tomorrow back to back. And then imaging the two actors switching places.

Here’s what Movie Bob thinks.


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