Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Short review: Pretty dang good, moody, fun investigation movie. However, really violent, including rape and torture.

dragontattooDirected by David Fincher:
Other movies he directed: Alien 3 (first movie), Seven, Fight Club, Benjiman Button, Madonna Videos (we all gotta start somewhere), Social Network, The Game,

Long Review:

I rented this one so I could skip through the disturbing parts (I don't need to watch a woman get violently, anally raped, this, to me, is something that should just be referred to...but I'm not the content police...).

This is one of the few movies where the intro credits are almost more interesting than the movie itself. It was a bizarre marriage between James Bond ladies intro, dark black goo man and woman sex, violence and...more goo. It was just bizarre but brilliantly pulled off. I almost recommend this one just to watch the intro, it seriously could be its own little feature.

On to the movie itself. If you didn't already know, this is based on Swedish book, that was already adapted into a movie that was already pretty good. And before you freak out and say "See! This just another example of how Americans can't come up with anything new and good and just leave the original alone!", let me say that I agree with you when it comes to movies like Death at a Funeral, where the british version was already one of the funniest movies I've seen, and there was no reason to make an American movie, in this case, with its extremely complicated plot, the fact I don't know how to speak Swedish, and the fact that the director (David Ficher) is a genius at the moody and disturbing, I'll actually say that I appreciated this American remake. (yes I know that was an unnecessarily long run on sentence, if you don't like it, make a comment below and share it with your friend).

Let's not forget about the stars. Daniel Craig unfortunately forgets that he is James Bond doesn't do so well in the fights he finds himself in. But the REAL star, is, of course, the Girl with the freekin' tatoo, who, in this american version, is played by Rooney Mara, and I would be willing to bet we'll see more of her soon.

All in all, this is a well done movie with good characters, a fun plot and, what Fincher does best, a really well developed creepy atmosphere.

And here's what Movie Bob thinks:

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