Guardians of the Galaxy: Review

Short Review:
If you haven't seen it yet...go, right now, go see it, duh, it’s great!

Long Review:
While DC Comics struggles to make good movies out of their heros, aside from Batman, Marvel continues to make fantastic movies with some of the most obscure comics, even Guardians that most Americans had never heard of (I sure haven’t).
But it WORKS, and not just because it’s basically Firefly/Serenity, and on that note, pulling a lot the original Star Wars movies as well, but works on its own as well.

James Gunn directed Guardians, and you wouldn’t think he would know how to make this kind of movie work so well given the projects he’s done before: Scooby Doo, Dawn of the Dead, Movie 43, Sliter. BUT, as I’ve seen in the past with other directors, just because you might have worked on projects in the past don’t quite fit the mold of the current one, doesn’t mean you won’t create something amazing.

Chris Pratt was a bit of an unknown for me but was fantastic as the the lead and captain of his own ship, names Peter Quill. You might know him from Parks and Recreation, The OC, MoneyBall and a few others. But he works great as the lead, slight womanizer, scoundrel, outlaw but pretty much a nice guy.

Zoe Saldana plays Gamora, a green alien lady who is ultra tough and kicks butt. Saldana is always amazing in pretty much anything she’s in. You might remember her, basically playing the same parts in Avatar, Star Trek as Uhura, and I really liked her in Guess Who.

Dave Bautista plays a big muscle bound warrior named Drax. Bautista has little acting experience as he was previously a professional wrestler in the WWF. However, he’ does a good job playing someone who takes everything completely literally (you’ll see what I mean, he’s hilarious). (Looks like he was also in Riddick and Man with the Iron Fist)

And the crowd favorites, or mine at least, are Groot and Rocket. Both CGI characters but voiced so well and animated so well that you forget they’re not even there. Rocket is voice by Bradley Cooper and Groot is voiced by Vin Diesel. (good to see Vin voicing another animated character, he’s perfect when a character needs that growly tone, he was also the voice of the Iron Giant, my favorite movie).

The movie is definitely a comic book, superhero movie, but it maintains Marvel’s lighthearted feel and pushes the action off of Earth and into deep space in other parts of the Galexy, which, to me, is refreshing actually. (All these superheroes on ONE planet called Earth, do we really need that many? Well, no, so there are some out there in space doing hero stuff in space saving other planets. Perfect).

I saw this one TWICE in the theater and loved it both times. First was 3D with surround sound, 2nd time non-3D with regular theater sound. Both was fun, 3D was worth though, they did a great job.

No need to stay until after the credits, there IS something there, but you can look it up, it’s that big of a deal.
Like seeing someone make a good Star Wars movie, hopefully the ACTUAL Star Wars movies, 7,8 and 9 will be this good. (hopefully better).


Here's what Movie Bob thinks (and I agree!)


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