I met Ronnie Cox, and you didn't

ronnieandmeYou might not know his name, but you know his face and the movies he's in...if you're a real man. Let me break it down for you.

Ronnie Cox, or Ron as he referred to himself when he shook my hand, has been in 132 movies and television shows,  according to IMDb.com, with more to come I'm sure.

He's been in shows like Law and Order SVU, Dexter, Desperate House Wives, Stargate SG1 and Star Trek (TNG).

But if you're real man, you know what movies you should recognize him from, Robocop, Total Recall and Beverly Hills Cop. That's right, I shook hands, asked a few questions, embarrassed myself, and got a picture with Dick Jones himself.

"But how could a suave, even keel, layed back kind of guy like you embarrass yourself with such a man's man like Ronnie Cox?" you might ask. Surprising, I know, but a real man like Mr. Cox admits when he's made a mistake, so, I must follow suit.

But first, I'll tell you how the heck I was able to meet such an icon of movies for guys who like movies. You see, Ron (yeah, we're on a first name basis, he introduced himself as Ron, I freekin' shook his hand, so, yes, I can refer to him as Ron now, so there). Where was I. Oh, yeah, Ron is not only an awesome villain in sweet sci fi flicks like Robocop or Total Recall, or hard ass cops like Beverly Hills cop, but he's also a fantastic singer song writer. Take a look at his site (http://www.ronnycox.com/). Looks like you can download some of his music for free there too, but if you like it, you should buy it. Not because you should should obay the law, but because, if you recal, he controlled Robocop.

Anyway, I digress. He had a show booked in West Duluth, Minnesota, where I was having coffee with a friend. I had seen the posters there, recognized him, and thought "hey, wouldn't it be cool if I came here and saw him play and met him?" but I never wrote down the date. So, it was purely coincidence when I was standing in line to get my iced mocha with chia when Ron walked in with his guitar and a few other odds and ends, and his fellow musicians, and walked right up to me and said "Hi, I'm Ron." I tried to think of something really awesome to say, something like "Hi, I thought you got a bad rap when Robocop shot you dead". But no, I couldn't think of anything, so, I followed suit and, acting normal like he was, just said, "Hi, I'm Nate, come on in." As if I was in charge, which I wasn't.

Later, after he and his other musician buddies ran a sound check and jammed on his guitar, I got the courage to ask if it would be rude to ask for a picture. He said no, not at all and I handed my iphone to my buddy. (who surreptitiously recorded video of me asking the following questions).

(Note: I'd like to point out that I asked him if it was ok if I quoted him on these questions, he said it was fine. I did not, however, get permission to use the video as I was not aware of it until my friend told me he was recording. I'll ask if it's ok first and then perhaps I'll post it, so, stay tuned)

I asked him what he thought about the new remake of Total Recall, and if he had been asked to do a cameo, or if he was interested in being in it. He said, and I quote: "Oh, they'd love to have me, but why would I put on a wet bathing suit?"  At first I didn't really know what he meant, perhaps his verbal imagery is just that much better since he writes his own music. But he explained it by asking it again, "I mean, why would I want to put on a wet bathing suit?"  For whatever reason, this actually did clarify it for me. Not only is it weird and uncomfortable to put on a recently used bathing suit, but you just went for a swim, it's time for a shower...I guess?

He later clarified that although he "loves Collin Firth", saying that he was in American Outlaws with him, but said he didn't think the remake of Total Recall was all that great.

He also mentioned that they were also planning to remake Robocop. Now, if you're a friend of mine, you might know that for the last few years I have been saying that it would be a good idea to remake that movie. Because of this, I blurted out, "Oh, that's a great idea!" To this, Ron turned to me and glared. Trying to be funny, I changed my mind, saying, "Oh, I mean, that's a horrible idea." Hoping to mediate any damage to our budding friendship. Trying to explain my feelings, I added, "You know, because of the new CG technology, it could be good." He still didn't agree.

However, he still graciously put his arm around me and let my friend take my picture with my iphone. And, after talking a bit more, agreed to let me quote him for this article. If you read this, Ronny Cox, thank you so much. You seem like a down to earth, polite, multi talented and charming guy. I wish you the best.

And for the rest of you, suck it, I met Ronny Cox.

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