James Bond: Skyfall, Bond Girls, and does Bond suck at his job?

Short review:

skyfallBest Daniel Craig Bond film so far, but still not as good as the original with Sean Connery. Bond in the 21st century doesn’t quite have that...Bond thing it used to have. I’ll explain.

Long Review.

This new Bond is much more human, more flawed, more believable...and that’s why, in my opinion, Bond isn’t quite as fun as he used to be.  Why? Well, that’s a bit more complicated. I’m not just talking about the loss of the Bond Girl, but that is part of it. I will say that it’s a bit refreshing in the post modern, enlightened 20teens (is that what we call it?) that the promiscuous Bond Girl is less of a focal point of his character, but that’s not to say that it isn’t part of the plot either, just less so.

And it’s not that Bond stopped kicking ass, he still does, and I appreciate less ultratech toys from Q and a bigger focus on Bond’s skills with his PPK handgun which is more true to Ian Fleming's books. But...that’s kind of what made Bond fun, wasn’t it? Well, in this latest Daniel Craig Bond movie, he DOES get a new PPK that reads his thumbprint, so that’s pretty cool.

I do like Craig as Bond, in general. But my go to movie reviewer, Movie Bob at Escapist Magazine said that without all the swingin Bond girl action and high tech gadgetry...Bond feels more like Bourne now...and I would have to agree. I guess we just have to ask ourselves, is that ok?  I guess it is to most people since this Skyfall made more money in it’s opening weekend than any Bond movie in history. Is that because of Craig’s sexy blue eyes or because the movie itself is just that awesome? Not sure, but his eyes are nicely blue.

There are a few big things that happen in Skyfall and if you haven’t seen it, don’t let anyone tell you what they are and ruin it for you (my sister already ruined it for my other sister, sorry sis).

I won’t give away the third act that isn’t shown at all in the previews (though, I have to say, it was well done), or the other big thing that happens there. But, spoiler alert, I am going to talk about something that I didn’t quite like. If you don’t want to know about a pretty major plot point, stop reading and go see it in the movie theater, it’s worth it.


Spoiler in coming....


Ok, is everyone gone that doesn’t want to know what happens? Good. It’s just us. Ok, so the “Bond Girl” if you can call her that, is taken captive by our bad guy. He places a drink on her head and tells Bond the first one to knock the shot glass (Ah, I see what you did there, very punny) off her head wins and it’s implied if Bond does it, then she can go free. But...his marksmanship hasn’t been so great, so he doesn’t take the first shot. Now, you might ask yourself, why would he take the shot at all, why not just kill the bad guy? Well, that’s because he has about a half dozen henchmen, maybe more, with guns pointed at Bond, forcing him to do the quasi Robin Hood contest. “BUT!” you might contest “Bond is supposed to be this badass that is trained to take out a crap ton of guys on his own, why can’t he just take them out anyway!?” Good question. We’ll get to that. Bond can’t force himself to take the shot, and therefor the villain does and kills her...the shot glass falling off to which he remarks “I win.” (funny in a horrible sort of way). At this point, Bond gets pissed off and...yes, kills everyone but the villain who he takes into customer. While sitting the theater, I wanted to shout “so, why the hell didn’t you do that five seconds ago!?” And then say some four letter word. But I didn’t, I held my tongue.

So yes, Skyfall was fun, but like any movie, it had its faults. If you like Bond movies, or Daniel Craig (who doesn’t, just look at those pretty blues, ahem) then go see it, it’s pretty fun, just not quite as fun as I had hoped.


And here's what Movie Bob thought:

 And Just in case you care, here's what Movie Bob thinks about Bond Girls, and I would have to agree.
Also, here's why Bond totally SUCKS at his job, according to Cracked.
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