Mission Impossible: Fallout

Short Review: Best Mission Impossible movie yet.  it’s good, go see it.


Long Review:


Whoa...I used to do this, didn’t I?  Huh. Guess I can write one more. Maybe more later. We’ll see.


I was surprised, to be honest. I’ve always liked Tom Cruise, he’s good in pretty much everything. I have issues with his personal life and the church he affiliated with. But his screen presence is rarely matched.


With so many sequels, prequels, reboots, soft-reboots, and side stories set in the same universe as the originals, sometimes we get sexual fatigue. And, to be honest, I had no intention of seeing MI: Fallout. But my parents wanted to go, so I said sure.


I wasn’t disappointed.

One of the things MI: Fallout did well was showing the good guys winning. So many of these movies that portray the one-man savior type (like James Bond, Batman, Taken, John Wick) show the hero only reacting. Always seemingly disadvantaged, about to lose everything but then, because he’s the hero, he wins somehow.


The one exception that I can think of is Equalizer. (The first one. The second one not so much)


Ethan Hunt and his IMF team are not only reacting, but are sometmes one step ahead of their adversaries usually. A few times in Fallout they get the upper hand, pulling off a well planned rouse to get what they need. This was refreshing and fun to see the IMF team work together and get what they need without having to run, punch, shoot or blow something up.


I can’t take full credit for this observation, I’m not the only one who noticed this.


“Unlike the protagonists of 'Die Hard' or 'Rambo', Ethan Hunt has not aged into becoming an all-powerful superman.”



However, there is a still a ton all that good punchy, firey, runny, blow stuff up...y. The action in Fallout is some of the best action I’ve seen in a long time, especially because we know Cruise does a lot of his own stunts.


No spoilers, but there is a scene that involves helicopters that is particularly exciting and extremely well shot.


Another thing I like about Ethan Hunt is that he cares both about the individual and the many. This whole “you have to pick one or the other, not both” bullshit we’ve seen in Bond movies and others gets tired and just depressing. Hunt takes a stance on caring for both and gets in trouble for it and also praised for it in the end. I like that.


It’s been pointed out Tom Cruise has often been looks good while running. Well, it’s true. He does. And looks even better running on the rooftops when Simon Pegg’s character is trying to guide him to something their tracking.


Another problem I have with the Die Hard, Rambo, Batman, John Wick, Taken, James Bond type is that they’re always a damaged male (usually white...all those guys are white, ugh) who’s parents or wife died. Or both. It’s like they think we, the audience, want to see that damages male who couldn’t cut it with a healthy relationship and be an action hero, so either they lose their wives, or the writers kill them off.


There exceptions to this rule. Mr. and Mrs. Smith comes to mind, though that movie was intentionally written to be both a comedy movie about marriage, AND a spy action movie at the same time. They even had trouble pitching it.


But the best exception is my favorite. The Incredibles. Mr. Incredible and Elastagirl make their marriage work while raising kids with superpowers and all of them have adventures in their own right, but also help each other.


This WAS a problem I had with Ethan Hunt as well. In a previous movie he got married and retired. But, we knew that wouldn’t last. However, and without spoilers, Fallout does a good job in  addressing this.


Best Mission Impossible movie yet.

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