Movies Like The Avengers

It’s hard to talk about movies that are similar to The Avengers since it had such a unique build-up and payoff, but there are movies that come close.  The ones listed here aren’t just comic book movies, but rather movies that involve a special team-up to thwart a super villain or accomplish a seemingly insurmountable task.  Of course our main criteria is that these films must be good.  Otherwise, if we’re just talking big team-ups, I would include The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.  

We could also be listing series of movies that were either written at the same time or even filmed at the same (think Lord of the Rings or Matrix 2 & 3). But those are series of movies and deserve a whole different article (stay tuned). This list will just include movies that we feel fit the criteria of bringing a good team together.


fastfiveFAST FIVE

(2011) dir. Justin Lin

After a mediocre fourth film, writer Chris Morgan decides to take a page from heist films like The Italian Job and has some fun here.  This movie doesn’t just have the original parts (cast members), but also characters from 2 Fast 2 Furious, Tokyo Drift, and Fast & Furious.  This is basically a Marvel team-up con artist style.  And I must say, most of the films in this franchise didn’t really impress me much, but this one is surprisingly great.  The humor, the pacing, and the action are all quite good.  Fast Six also promises to pick up where this one left off.
-Review by Travis

I liked The Fast and the Furious, the first one. I enjoyed the plot twist (oh yeah, whoops, forgot about that one in my Twist movie list...guess I should that one in). Vin Deisel is always fun (his voice just sounds like he drinks diesel doesn’t it?) And, I have to be honest...I was never interested to see any other Fast movie...until this one. They added The Rock in, and so, I pretty much needed to see it just because I knew The Rock and Vin Diesel would be punching each other. And how doesn’t want to see that? Pretty dang good for an action flick...not perfect, but a fun watch.
-Review by Nate


(2001, 2004, 2007) dir. Steven Soderbergh

These films are the ultimate team-up of star power.  Ocean’s Eleven is a great con film, in the vein of old Mission: Impossible episodes, it’s all about turning the tables on their opponent with careful study, brilliant strategy, and perfect timing.  The second and third films aren’t as good, but still worth checking out because of the likability of the characters.  Every member of Ocean’s team has a specific strength, but they need each other to pull off the big score, hence the comparison to The Avengers.  
-Review by Travis

I agree that the first one was the best, but I actually liked Oceans Twelve better because it was more about the characters and story than the heist itself. (and there’s a twist ending that’s fun...danget, another one I forgot to include in my Twist movie list!). The third one was less fun ‘cus it didn’t have the two women who inspired the events in the first two movies. Each movie added another person that they met from the previous film, hence the change in title and what Travis said.
-Review by Nate

blade2BLADE 2

(2002) dir. Guillermo del Toro

This is sort of a vampire team-up movie.  Even though you didn’t get to know this team beforehand, they all have distinct personalities and are fun to watch.  Donnie Yen’s Snowman deserves a prequel film.  He’s just too cool.   And Ron Perlman is always awesome.  This group, known as The Bloodpack, teams up with Blade to take on an entirely new villain that threatens vampires and humans.  Easily my favorite film of the franchise, this is one to check out if you haven’t.   I suppose Blade: Trinity is also a team up film…but not quite as good.
Review by Travis

I agree that Blade: Trinity was not as good, but I gotta say, my favorite is still the first one. Wesley Snipes has never been so cool. These three movies make a good series, but are far from perfect, they should have just stopped with the first one, or...made the sequels better.
-Review by Nate


startrekSTAR TREK

(2009) dir. J.J. Abrams

Star Trek is kind of like The Avengers in that you know these characters already.  Here, you get to see them come together for the first time to overcome a major enemy.  Like any great team movie, these young cadets each bring something unique to the table.  Spock Prime emphasizes the importance of Kirk and Spock’s connection, but every person is vital.  These are not anti-heroes; they are an elite group of the best and the brightest.  No superpowers necessary.   This is a must see.
-Review by Travis

It’s also like the Avengers in that they need to collect a few along the journey, namely Scottie (played by Simon Pegg). This is totally a must see. I am a TNG fan myself, never was a huge fan of the original series or movies, but I gotta say, this one was just ridiculously awesome. I knew it would be could with J.J. Abrams at the helm, but he blew away my expectations with the first ten minutes.
-Review by Nate

xmenfirstclassX-MEN: FIRST CLASS

(2011) dir. Matthew Vaughn

Kind of like Star Trek, you know these characters from past films and now you get to see them younger and brasher than ever.  With World War III a possibility, the government hires mutants to help stop the imminent threat.  There is some good team stuff in this one.  Most of the characters are still trying to find their place in the world, so it’s interesting to see how certain mutants veer to one side or another.  Not my favorite X-Men movie, but a good, different type of team-up movie.
-Review by Travis

I don’t know what the hell Travis is talking about, this IS the best X-Men movie ever. WAY better than the first one, even better than X-2 (up until First Class, X-2 was my favorite), 3 just sucked so much I’m going to pretend it didn’t happen, and Wolverine wasn’t really a movie, it was just kinda something someone thought would make money so they put it together with a cool ass scene of a dude clawing a helicopter (I have to admit, that was pretty dang cool). First Class brought together really cool mutants that we’ve known from the movies, and some we didn’t, and showed us what the story was behind Magneto and Professor X and why they both hate and care for each other in an odd way. This is a toss up for me, when First Class came out, I thought it was THE best comic book movie ever, and I still think it’s pretty dang close.
-Review by Nate

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