New Site Design- Sometimes less is more


I have to website sucked before.


Look at that photo on the right.It’s just terrible. All dark and gloomy. Plus the menu system was just...well, over whelming.


But, as we get older, we get more mature and understand that sometimes more is more, and more is dumb, and less is more. None of this makes sense, but you get it.


In web design there is a concept that a website should be a direct reflection of your business. So, you should put everything on the site that you sell in your store (if you have one). This makes sense for the most part. Do you have a clearanced section? Then put one on your site! Do you have goofy looking people coming in your store? Then have a goofy looking people section on your site!  Well...probably not, but you get it.


For those of us who don’t have an actual store front, our “office” is either our apartment or a coffee shop. The coffee shop does tend to be neat and tidy...the apartment on the other hand, well, mine is surprisingly tidy, but no one has vacuumed or swept in a while...since I moved in, perhaps a house meeting is in order. Nate, vacuum and sweep...ok, fine.


Websites, though, don’t get dusty. They don’t “get old”, or need repair. Well...not generally, at least. Sometimes links break, but that’s your own damn fault. Sometimes they get hacked because you don’t update the system you’re using (in my case, I use Joomla).  You get my point.


Styles change over time, but somethings are timeless. Take the Hershey bar, hasn’t changed in years. Or 3 piece suite, dudes just look good in black, always have, always will. Or heck, God. Doesn’t change...and that’s awesome. (yes, there’s a big theological discussion to be had, bla bla bla, another time).


Get to the point!  I write a lot. More than I think I do. I have a crap ton of articles on my site, and the menu was stupid before. Now I made simpler, but still giving you (the user) the ability to easily find my articles. Your welcome.


And as for the new design...I think I like it a lot better. Cleaner, simpler, letting the photos speak for themselves instead of getting lost with another photo in the background. Change is good...when it comes to websites.


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