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oblivionPretty good sci-fi flick, good action, decent movie, you should watch, you could wait for the rental though.


Full Review:

If you’re a fan of the video game series, no, this is not a movie about Elder Scrolls.

It IS about Earth post alien war and now there’s no one left except for only two people who take care of the robots who are sucking up every last ounce of ocean water for hydrogen fuel and the sentries that guard them. Tom Cruise’s character and the hot chick he lives with above the clouds, are excited to reunite with the rest of the human survivors that have relocated to Saturn’s moon, Titan. As they make daily reports to the enormous space station that orbits Earth, their jobs and relationship gets stressed and tested when Jack (no, not Jack Reacher, that’s a different movie) discovers another human survivor in a crashed satellite.

And now, at this point, it’s hard to continue talking about it as this movie is very heavy on plot twists. In order to let you know what I think about the movie, I would have to spoil the twists.

So, before reading the rest, know that I’m going to talk about them, AND the ending. So, go watch the movie if you want, ‘cus it’s pretty good, then come back and see if you agree with me.


Here we go.

There are two problems here, Oblivion’s entire plot is written to BE a twist, for the twists sake. In other movies, the twist makes sense (like Six Sense, Menento, etc...). But the movie with the closest resemblance to Oblivion's twist it Moon. This brings me to the 2nd problem, I WATCH TOO MANY MOVIES! And routinely watch lower budgeted, independent movies that do character development and plot better that large budgeted ones.

Before I continue, again, I’m going to talk about the twist in Moon as well, with Sam Rockwell and Kevin Spacey (as the robot), so, go watch that first too, then come back. OK...

Now that I warned you SEVERAL times, and you watched one fantastic movie that I wish I owned, and another pretty good one...

The twist in both movies is that they’re clones.

Now...this makes sense in Moon becuase the job is to sit on the Moon and do menial tasks to keep things running. Then, when one of them dies, you just activate another one and keep going. Sucks to be that guy who doesn’t know he’s a clone, but there ya go.

The clone twist doesn’t quite work as well in Oblivion...because it doesn’t make sense. I can’t take full credit for this observation, as Movie Bob from Escapist Magazine made it first, but I agree.

The other twist of Oblivion is that there are no survivors on Titan, and the orbiting space station is really the alien thing attacking Earth and it’s almost done removing all the resources from the ocean. Apparently this all powerful, alien robot thing clones a crap ton of Jack (Tom Cruise) and his hot chick co-pilot (but not his: also extremely attractive, lucky guy...) and this is it’s only plan? To clone a crap ton of humans to attack earth? If you’re intention is to take over Earth, and have them do stuff for you, and you have the capability to clone humans...why not use those very good looking cloned humans to, you know, infiltrate the human race and clone more? Accept, of course, that kind of movie has already been done. So you can’t do that.

Then, Jack Reacher, ahem, I mean, Jack is thinking the entire time that he’s a non-cloned human working on this project to gather resources to move to Titan. But why? Why the hell would he even have to think that? The alien computer deal took over the entire planet with a crap ton of cloned Jack’s before, who did NOT think they were regular humans and had no hopes for anything other than murdering everyone. Why couldn’t they just keep that up? Why have Jack think and hope that he’s doing anything other than gathering resources for the alien robot?

The twist for this movie is only for the twist and nothing else. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fantastic movie...but it doesn’t make sense.


Here's what Movie Bob thinks:

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