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prometheusShort Review: Unsurprisingly good. Well acted, well directed, fantastic script, action, special sci-fi movie in years. If you're a fan of the Alien movies, you MUST see this one. If you're not an uber fan, you'll still enjoy a really well made movie.


Idea: Let's make a really good sci-fi, space horror movie.
Response: That's already been done.
Reply: Not with Charlize Theron.
Responese: But she's already in a movie, just came out last weekend.
Reply: Sure, but is she doing push-ups while wet and not wearing much?
Response: She is now.

Directed and produced by Ridley Scott, this is not his first sci-fi film. The others are Blade Runner, considered a classic in the sci-fi genre, and the original Alien, the one that started it all. Fans of the original Alien films had fears that Scott might mess with the Alien story, well, let me tell you, he didn't. This is definitely a prequel to Alien.

Some reviewers have said that this movie doesn't answer any questions, only raises more., they're freekin' wrong. Sure, it asks the question of the origin of the human species and has a very interesting answer that only raises more questions. However, it DOES answer the number one question all us Alien fans want to know, where did the Aliens (ya know, the banana head human eating xenomorphs born from the chest of another human impregnated from a face hugger) come from? Now we know! (But I'm not gonna tell you, you'll have to watch it!)

The name "prometheus " is the name of the space ship that visits the moon LV-233 in the movie, and comes from Greek mythology and is directly referred to in the movie. Prometheus is a titan who created humans by forming them from clay. The ship and the movie attempt to discover the origin of the human species with help from ancient cave drawings that seem to point to a very specific place in space, with a planet and a moon.

Once they arrive, it becomes quickly clear that an ancient alien species build large structures, yet it is unclear what they are for. So, the scientists who land on the moon go inside one of the structures, and they find big fuzzy nice things that want to be friends. Wait, no, they find weird sculptures and dead aliens that were obviously scared out of their minds and running from... something.

The references to the original alien movies are subtle, they didn't even land on the same moon (the moon that everything happens on in Alien and Aliens is LV-426, in Prometheus, it's LV-233, so, another prequel coming?). However, although there are much bigger ideas and bigger implications in Prometheus, it is still very much a prequel to Alien.

Oh yeah, keep in mind, it is rated R for a reason, including some intense, gory, body invading scenes.

Should you see it in the theater? Absolutely.

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