Snow White and the Huntsmen

snowwhiteandthehunstmenShort review: Pretty good, not as bad as everyone said it was. But definately not perfect. Best parts: Charlize Theron, the dwarves and the special effects. Worst parts: Kristen Stewart’s character and the fact that this movie had very little to do with the title.


Here’s the breakdown of all the amazing actors that are in this movie...and Kristen Stewart.
Kristen Stewart (snow white)
Chris Hemsworth (, I mean, the huntsmen)
Charlize Theron (the wicked witch...the fairest of them all)
Sam Claflin (he plays the prince)
Sam Spruell (bad guy)
Ian McShane  (dwarf)
Bob Hoskins (dwarf)
Ray Winstone (dwarf)
Nick Frost (dwarf)
Eddie Marsan (dwarf)
Toby Jones (dwarf)
Johnny Harris (dwarf)
Brian Gleeson (dwarf)
Vincent Regan (duke)
Noah Huntley (king)

Idea: Modernize a traditionally disney fairy tale and make it darker and edgy.
Problem: someone already did that.
Solution: Put Charlize Theron, in it.

snowwhiteLike I said, this isn’t the first Snow White movie that has retold the story a bit darker and edgier. Back in 1997 there was one called...let me see here...oh yeah, Snow White (how did I forget that) with Sigourney Weaver and Sam Neill. Apparently it was made for TV, but on the box it said was rated R when I saw it (ah VHS...). It wasn’t super excellent but definitely creepy to say the least and kind of fun. Worth a watch if you can find it somewhere.

Now we have a bunch of ideas around trying to update the old fairy tales into modern retellings. Why? Because creepy and movies about the macabre are getting popular now (Saw, Hostel, Twilight, any Tim Burton movie and most David Fincher movies). Now people are remembering that the original Grimm fairy tales were actually pretty damned creepy (in little red riding hood the woodsman has to cut open the wolf to get granny out). These are really all horror movies written for little kids as a lesson to be careful of their surroundings, or just to freak kids out, ‘cus, ya know, that’s fun.

(Spoiler alert, although I won’t give away anything ultra mega super important, I will talk about a few things you probably didn’t see in the previews...consider yourself warned)

I have mixed feelings on Snow White and the Huntsmen. It was a fun watch, some funny and intense moments, the wicked witch/queen was awesome (Charlize Theron was amazing as a crazy lady who sucks the life out of people). The “Sanctuary” is very reminiscent of Princess Mononoke’s sacred/magical forest place, with a little Legend (Ridley Scott’s with Tom Cruise) thrown in there for good measure, where all the magical things live...apparently, and it was one of the more beautiful, funny and imaginative places cinema has given us.

There was ALOT of creativity here with the magical, fantasy, magic side of things. The creative people behind them are definitely playing their A game. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Academy puts them up for an Oscar for best visual effects.

And the Dwarves are AWESOME! Look up there at that cast! These guys seem to be in their own, very awesome movie. Seriously, they should do a prequel of these guys, just doing their dwarf thing and cracking wise. I’m not kidding. I won’t give it away, but the best lines and funniest moments are with these guys. I’ll probably see it again on DVD just for them. And the special effects to make these very recognizable actors into little people was incredibly well done.

One of the main problems with this movie is that it feels like it’s trying to do too much. (Troll spoiler) In one scene Snow White and the Huntsmen (hey that’s the title) are just getting out of an evil forest (much like the Fire Swamp from Princess Bride) only to be attacked by a troll. The princess just stares down and looks at it and it gets all sad, contemplative and walks away. I think the point of this scene is to show that Snow White has such pure of heart that she can even charm a troll...but...we never see the damn troll again. One would think if you could charm a troll, and then need to attack a freekin’ castle later, that you would go find that troll again and let it bash some people about like the cave troll from Lord of the Rings. That’s just one thing this movie brought up, mentioned briefly and then forgot about, but...I won’t spoil those for you, you’ll figure them out.

Here’s the bottom line, Charlize Theron is awesome, the fantasy special effects remind me of the great fantasy movies (Willow, Princess Bride, Legend, Princess Mononoke, Lady Hawk) and those parts are very good.

Do you need to see it in the theater?, But give it a shot on DVD sometime. Perhaps have a movie night where you watch all the classic fantasy movies and then see where Snow White and the Huntsmen ripped them all off.

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