The Accountant

Short Review: Does it suck? Nope. Is it awesome? Yep! What’s it like? Rainman + John Wick. No, seriously.


Long review.


Couple things. It’s been awhile, so, if you like my reviews and have been pissed off since I wrote my last one....sorry? I’ve been writing a novel that won’t ever be published, but I’m writing in nonetheless. (Yep, that’s a word).  


Two, I’ve sean a lot of movies that I haven’t talked about. So, let me tell you what was good and what wasn’t super quite. Just watched a fun movie called Triangle that came out in 2009. If you’re looking for a fun psychological thriller this Halloween season, give that shot if you can find it.


Batman vs Superman did suck. The best part was the movie they only showed us a little bit of (the dream/future sequence where Batman was fighting pro-Superman death robots with guns?).


Kubo and the Two Strings was a mazing. Stop motion animation was incredible.


Magnificent Seven was pretty good, but not as good as the original, and not neither were as good as the Japanese original, Seven Samurai


Hell or High Water was perfect, it’s not a western but it might as well be, Chris Pine has never been so good and Ben Foster was pretty darn good as well. And of course Jeff Bridges is always good.


Independence Day sucked so hard I’m starting to think the original was just as bad (it’s not, but that’s the danger of making a bad sequel...I’m looking at you, RoboCop).


Ok, that’s enough.


How good was The Accountant?


Well, pretty darn freekin’ good actually. If you don’t know me personally, not only do I enjoy good action flicks, but I also like a good, slow burn, intellectual drama with some fun investigative mystery and the like. This scratched all of those itches.


I feel like someone asked this question: “What if Jason Bourne was autistic? And instead not remembering who he was, he knew exactly who he was AND liked numbers...a lot. And high powered rifles. And martial arts. Oh, and markers. Lots of markers.”


This is what you would get. But it’s not just a simple “And what if he” fill in the blank. The Accountant was written by Bill Dubuque who also wrote The Judge, which is not an action flick, but a drama about an estranged son who is a lawyer and his father...who is a judge (hey, that’s the name of the move.)


Watching the first third of The Accountant, you can tell it was written by someone who enjoys dialogue, discovery, mystery and character development. The intrigue of the motivations of the main characters are only enhanced by the action scenes that come later, not a detraction like some movies that try to have their cake and eat it too.


I won’t get into spoiler territory, not yet anyway, but I will say this. The Ideas in this movie was truly intriguing and I felt like this could have been a setup or pilot to a really good drama series. And perhaps we’ll get sequels set in this world going forward. Hopefully they don’t ruin it.


It was good to see Ben Affleck do his thing in a project he didn’t write or direct. Not that I don’t enjoy his movies (The Town, Argo and Gone Baby Gone were all great), it’s just nice to see him have fun with a character he doesn’t have as much invested in because he didn’t write it. Also, it was good to see him kick ass...while not being Batman. Because god Batman vs Superman sucked.


It’s not without it’s problems, however. It’s only getting %51 on with critics, yet %86 of viewers liked it, and I know why. The problems it has are obvious to most viewers. The plot devices used to move the story line forward are sometimes too convenient, but this isn’t new to movies like this. And some of the reveals could have been eye rollers for some more seasoned moviegoers, hence the critics not liking parts of it. It also seems like subplots were completely unnecessary, or tacked on later, or forgotten about but then put back in at the last second.


But overall, I loved it and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and my joy of watching it. There are subtle moments of humor that I thought were hilarious, but no one else was laughing in the theater, so I had to keep my chuckles to a minimum.


There are two more, completely trial reasons why I loved The Accountant.


The first is how computers were used. Think back to all the ways you’ve seen computers used in movies and television shows. How many times do you see anyone using a mouse? Like, never, right? They’re all typing away super fast all the while there’s only one thing happening on the screen. Like, a single picture is brought up, but four keys were hit. Why? What on earth are you doing that would require four keys to pull up one photo?


I’m not sure who made the decision for the scenes of people using computers to actually use mice and keyboards in ways that freekin’ make sense, but it did not go unnoticed. As someone who is in front of a computer %90 of the waking hours, I appreciate that!


Also, this guy:




There are a few reasons why I love this guy.


One, I used to have a mustache like that.






And two, he’s in three of my new favorite action movies, The Equalizer, John Wick and The Accountant.


His name is Tait Fletcher, and he has that beautiful mustache in all three movies. It’s usually the job for extras to not be noticeable, to stay in the background so that the protagonist and star can shine. But not this guy. I don’t know if he has it in his contract so that he can keep his mustache, but if he doesn’t, he should.


Alrighty then. Go see The Accountant in the theater, it’s worth it.

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