Thor: The Dark World

Short Review: It’s good, go see it.
Medium Review: I wish I had his abs...and hammer...? Careful, this is a family show.
Long Review:

Thor: The Dark World is a sequel of the first Thor movie, but also takes place after the the Avengers movie. So, if you haven’t seen BOTH of those, then you might be confused as to what the crap is going on.

I have to say, I was pretty impressed. I really enjoyed the first Thor movie, and enjoyed his character in the Avengers. And, if you saw it, Iron Man 3 made several references to having to mentally grasp the idea of aliens...and gods?

So lets break it down. What’s the main conflict here: An evil dark force that existed before the beginning of time called the aether, and a race of dark elves that just want to make the whole universe...dark...?  Does dark mean evil? I think we’re supposed to assume that.

Thor, of course, needs to stop that with his hammer, while at the same time struggling with issues of being madly in love with that mortal Earth girl (but we’ve seen this before in Lord of the Rings), AND trying to figure out how to love a brother...who enjoys attacking New York and attempting to enslave people.

All the action scenes are fun and the plot is pretty good too. The only complain I have with the plot is...once we say that there is a “evil force” that existed “before time”...then everything else seems a bit mundane, don’t you think? And making everything “dark” or evil, or whatever, it’s sort of like the nothing from the Neverending Story. But the aether doesn’t seem to destroy just sort of...idk, gets on everything...or something, they never really explained that.

(Spoiler alert, I won’t give any plot points away, but I am about to talk about minor, little funny parts that are were warned)

But you know what, it doesn’t really matter. Because we really want to see is Loki being all Loki and funny and evil and fun. And he IS funny. There’s one part where he uses his powers to look like he is Captain America while making fun of him, holy cow, super funny.

Speaking of funny, the movie does a good job in not holding back to how ridiculous it is to have a norse god walking around on Earth. A coat rack, for example. What is the proper etiquette for a norse god and the use of a coat rack? Should he hang up his hammer there? Yes, yes he should. Hilarious.

BTW, make sure to stay through the credits, at least until it starts crawling. Some good stuff there.

And to all of you who thought I was dead...nope. I just moved to Eau Claire Wisconsin. So, the same thing really. JUST KIDDING!  I do miss the lake, though.

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