I LOVE Transformers, almost as much as I love Lego’s, or pizza, or Lego pizza? Anyway, I grew up with these guys, getting those awesome toys made out of metal (remember metal toys?, ok) that were impossible to figure out, but when you did, frick, now you had bragging rights. Now we have several types of “transformers.” We have the bobble head toys from the fast food restaurants that...wobble their heads. We have the step up from that sold at toy stores called transformers but they’re little more than action figures. And then we have a few levels above that, actually transforms (yes I have one, BumbleBee, took me three freekin’ hours to do it the first time, this is for kids?

But it’s awesome, because they’re supposed to be hard!). So, the toys = good (the one’s that actually transform). If you’re one of those parents that saves money and get your kid a “transformer” that doesn’t actually transform, then...I hate you. You’re the reason our kids are stupid. You need to challenge your kid by giving them mentally challenging toys and games to play with... speaking of which... on that note, probably shouldn’t let them watch these movies, since mentally changeling, they are not.

Click on the movie to see what I think, if you want, or whatever, I don't care.

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